Review at Lacoste Flagship Watches

Review at Lacoste flagship watches

It was 1933 when a legendary brand came into being The Lacoste. This was the first time when men’s fabrics were introduced in the fashion market of gents. 

The most famous product of Lacoste was and is the polo shirt. This is something that has changed the dynamics of the market. With the passage of time, this brand has started to expand. They made products for men, women and children.

These products are not limited to cloth; other types of products were also introduced in the market. These products also grabbed huge success. Watches by Lacoste also gain the same fame and reputation in the market.

Now after decades of its presence in the market. The watches have finally established a very reputable position. The thing is that there are multiple options available in the market. Multiple types of watches are available in the market from the house of Lacoste. Some of the famous choices are Lacoste Kids Rubber Strap watch, Lacoste Men’s Silicone Strap Watch, Girls Pink Strap watch and, Black Lacoste. 

Lacoste Watches

Here are some of the best available choices from the house of Lacoste. Hopefully, you will definitely love our choice and will ultimately choose the best one for you. Our team has put maximum effort in order to provide you with the combination of beauty, comfort and style.

An additive feature is that most of the products presented here are actually on discount. If you buy these watches from our link. The discounts are available once you purchase the watches. But as this discount is beyond our control we cannot say for how long this discount is available. At the time of writing this article, all the discounts are live. These discounts may not be available at the time of purchase. 

Therefore we recommend that if you want to buy any one of these products, buy it soon. Otherwise, the discount may disappear.

2010819 Lacoste Men’s White Watch

2010819 Lacoste Mens


Made with durable material, this is the perfect gift for a sportsman. The reason is that he can wear it casually as well as while playing sports. The glass fitted at the top of the watch really made it scratch less. 

This watch is really a masterpiece of Japanese technology and can understand the quartz moments really very well. This is the reason that it is really handy. The diameter of the watch is 43mm. This watch provides water resistance up to the depth of 90 feet.

The golden colour on the white dial makes the things prominent on the watch. This really enhances and improves the beauty of the watch.

TR90 2011010 Lacoste Men’s Black Watch
TR90 2011010 Lacoste Men's Black Watch


This is black with gold. The golden details and the time separators make a beautiful scene to look at especially when these are in golden colour.

This piece of Technology can understand the Quartz movement. The analogue display provides it with a classical look.

It provides water resistance up to the level of 50 meters. It means that you are safe from the water till 165 feet. If you want to do swimming while wearing this watch then this is not advisable.  Although it can save you from the daily splashes.

This watch comes with the Limited warranty provided by the manufacturer and the case is made with ABS resistant material. The size of the case is 42 mm. The dial pad is illuminated so it can understand the Quartz movement.

The black dial features the golden 3 time hands. The strap material is soft and durably made with silicon the international warranty provided by the manufacturer is of Limited conditions but provided internationally and for two years.

2001138 – Lacoste Green Geneva Women’s Watch 

Lacoste Green Geneva


Really a classical watch with adorable looks. The strap is made with green leather that really gives this watch an alligator look. 

Unlike the other watches, where the alligator sits at 3. Here the alligator is ready to bite at 12. The shining golden alligator at 12 creates a beautiful scene to look at. The matching dial with the strap gives the watch a traditional alligator look. 

This is something which is the tradition of this brand. For decades this is the tradition of this brand to provide you with the best quality watches for all occasions.

An extra coupon is available right now by availing this coupon you can save $ 24.75 at the price of the watch. We don’t know for how long this coupon is available so if you want to purchase this product you should not delay this decision. 

TR90 2001064 – Lacoste Quartz Watch

TR90 2001064 - Lacoste Quartz Watch


With a black Rubber Strap, this beautiful watch comes with a Black dial. This provides you with water resistance up to the depth of 50m. If this is measured in the feet then it is 165 ft. This means that this watch can easily handle the daily water splashes. But if you think that you can wear this watch while swimming then this is really a bad idea. The watch is not designed to handle so much water pressure. It doesn’t mean that the built quality of the watch is bad. The manufacturer is happy to provide a limited warranty of two years.

2011070 – Lacoste Men’s watch

2011070 - Lacoste Men's watch


This multiple colour watch is available with a coupon these days. You should try to avail of the offer as soon as possible. Otherwise, this may vanish and you will be left empty handed. A 3 hand time moment is available on the dial. One hand that shows the seconds is of the red colour. While the minutes and the hours time hours have the dual colour black and white. 

The multi-colored strap also looks beautiful. Black is in the middle while red and white are on both sides. All of this has been placed on the textured strap. 

If you buy this product from an authorized dealer. You make yourself eligible to avail of the limited warranty. This warranty is available for a period of two years. 

TR90 2001065 – Lacoste A Watch For Ladies 

TR90 2001065 - Lacoste A Watch For Ladies


Carrying the tradition of the polo shirts the  Lacoste beans this time appeared with a beautiful casual and everyday use product for the women. This is a Rubber Strap beautiful watch of pink colour.

Dial and the strap both of the same colour that is the Pink. A bucket is attached with a golden colour to tie the watch. This watch comes in a beautiful case. It has 3 hands. All of these three are of golden colour. An alligator is sitting at number three the manufacturer has no harm in providing you with the two-year Limited warranty for this Masterpiece. This watch is not at all suitable to wear while swimming.

Final Words

Wearing a watch that also carries a tradition, provides you with the feel of luxury and comfort with Pride. Although it was first Started From The Men’s fashion later on this brand has established its feet in other accessories.

The reason for this easy settlement is the quality. For this brand. The comfort of the customer and the quality of the product is always priority number one. This is a reason that they are able to manufacture some really good looking great quality products.