Natural Vs Crystal Diamond Watches Guide

Natural Vs Crystal Diamond Watches Guide

Diamonds are really beautiful and expensive to have. Thanks to modern day technologies, crystal diamond watches are now available.  Here in this article, we have shared some of the best available diamond watches. You can either wear it yourself or if you want you can use it as a gift and give it to your friends.

Multiple watches for men, women, and unisex is available.

U0298G1 Mesh Black GUESS

U0298G1 Mesh Black GUESS


This Black Diamond is an important piece of art. Made with durable crystals. The Crystal is really safe and your watch will remain scratchless.

Two beautiful diamonds are placed on the black dial. One diamond is placed at the position of six and another diamond is placed at the position of 12

The watch is not only protected from the front but the back of the watch is also really very protected and safe to use.

The back of the watch is iconic plated. It is polished with Stainless Steel material so that it will be perfect. The case and the Mesh both are protected and polished. The watch is water resistant to 165 feet. This is something that if measured in meters will be around 50 m.

The brain that is responsible for the presence of this watch in the market is really a reputable brand. It was 1983 when this brand name was born. In the end, it holds a prominent position among watches. The reason for the success of the brand in the market is continuous innovation. They are always striving hard to provide fashion watches for both men and women.

XO5873 Multiple Dial Ana

XO5873 Multiple Dial Ana


This watch is a beautiful color combination of pink and Golden. It also has beautiful beads that are assembled on the outer circle of the dial. Three time hands are visible and installed on the watch. The time is written in the Roman numbers on the dial.

Golden and chocolate color is also visible in the bracelet. This watch comes in a beautiful black box. This watch will certainly improve the beauty of the wrist who is wearing this watch. Water resistance is not provided fully. So be careful while wearing this because the water may destroy the machinery of the watch.

ST10327 RN Big Rocks for Men

Mens Big Rocks with Roman


Available in 40 different styles, this is really a Masterpiece for men to wear. The white beautiful crystal beads are everywhere. It appears on the Roman numbers that are written on the dial. It also appears around the outer circle of the dial and then it also appears on the beautiful best of silver color. In fact, the bracelet is completely covered in white beads and you are not able to see the original color of the bracelet.

Actually, these are the crystals that are placed at different places on the watch. These are so elegantly designed and placed it looked like real diamonds.

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Full Diamond Unisex Luxury Watch by FANMIS Store

Full Diamond Unisex Luxury Watch by FANMIS Store


If you want a watch that is not expensive but can still create an impact. Then This big shiny watch should be your number one priority. Available in three different colors. The first is the tone of the silver. The other two are tons of gold. Both gave a different appearance with each other but they looked great in the tune of the gold.

Three big crystals are present at the dial of the watch. First is present at the place of the 12 . The other one is present at 6 next to one is at 9. If you look at the sequence of the diamond.

One should be worried about the water contact with the watch. If it happens then it means that the watch is in danger and it can destroy the machinery of the watch.

This doesn’t mean that it does not offer water resistance against the water. Actually, it does. But the level of the water resistance is not enough to provide a good level of resistance. For understanding, we can think of it as it is good for the everyday small splashes of water but it is not good for the swimming and the water supports.

In case any dysfunction occurs it means that this will be a worry for you. Don’t worry, this problem can be handled easily. You can get a full refund of the price of the watch. In case of any problem occurring with the functionality of the watch just claim it and you will get a full refund against the watch.

If you want to give it as a gift this is the best gift to win the heart of the people. This unisex watch can be used either for the male or the female.

Unisex Luxury Diamond Crystal Rose Gold 

Unisex Luxury Diamond Crystal Rose Gold


The watch is protected from successes because mineral glass protection is provided to start. It can easily understand quartz moments and is based on Japanese Technology. High quality stainless steel square avenues start for decorative purposes; multiple things and ornaments are placed on the watch.

It will improve the beauty of the earth the watch available in three colours the first is the rose gold the second the silver and the other is gold.

Bracelet Watch by Anne Klein

Bracelet Watch by Anne Klein


Available in 12 different colors. This watch is imported. Really a beautiful design that provides an excellent mineral crystal experience.

Anne Klein is a perfect brand that is known to make excellent designs that are also suitable for women to wear in everyday responsibilities. These designs are not only modern but also time-less. So this watch carries tradition and modernism simultaneously.

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History of the watches

Some of you may not believe that the watch was not really made to look at time. This was made as a piece of jewelry for women. Later soldiers started to use watches so that they can be aware of the time on the battlefield.

So the first two users of the watches were women and soldiers. But the purposes of both were different: the women use what is for the jewelry while the soldiers use the watches to remain updated.

Please do remember that here we are talking about the wristwatch. The actual watch was made in the 15th century. A fully functional watch was invented in 1675 and the man was Robert Hooke.

This was something that was not done by Robert alone. Person with him was Christiaan Huygens.  Christiaan was a Dutch national while Robert was an Englishman.

The next big leap in the history of watches was the introduction of the quartz watch. It was the middle of the 19th Century when the quartz watch was first introduced in the market. This was really a big change in the field of watchmaking.

The quartz watches are equally beneficial but really cheap in comparison to the mechanical watches.

The next leap was done when the smartwatches were introduced. Thousands of smartwatches are available in the market.

It doesn’t mean that the traditional market to receive watches is not more active. Still, there are hundreds of models of traditional watches manufactured by different manufacturers around the globe. This is a continuously evolving field and advancement is really done daily. Now let’s see what will be the next big leap in the field of the watchers.